In the General Information for each plant I have used short descriptions of the areas where a particular plant was found. A list of these small or sub-areas is as follows:

Castaways Bluffs-The bluff area on the westerly side of the bay from the Pacific Coast Highway to Dover Shores.

Northstar Beach & Northstar Bluffs-The beach and bluff area northerly of Northstar Lane to the white cliffs where the beach terminates.

The path at the base of the bluff from Northstar to Mariners Dr, including the bluff and marsh area from the white cliffs to Mariners Dr.

The path from Mariners Dr. to 23rd St.-The path at the base of the bluff and marsh area from Mariners Dr. to the marshy flat area where Irvine Ave. dips down to nearly the elevation of the marsh.

Twenty Third St.-The large marshy area described above, including the bluffs on both sides and from Irvine Ave. to the bay. This area is approximately where 23rd St. would be if it came through to Irvine Ave. The bluff and small bench northerly of the 23rd St area is included here.

The path from 23rd St. to Delhi-The bluffs and marsh from the above described area to University Dr. The draws and the westerly side of the Delhi channel are also included.
The area near the Interpretive Center was studied but only about half way to Irvine Ave.

Delhi East Side-The flats and bluffs near the easterly side of the Delhi channel. The area northerly of the bridge across the Delhi channel was only studied for a short way up stream.

Santa Ana Heights Bluffs & Santa Ana Heights Flats-The bluff and flat area below the bluffs from the Delhi channel to Jamboree Rd. When the horse and bike path was constructed in 1987 the area easterly of where an extension of Mesa Dr. would intersect the bay was excluded above or inland of the horse and bike path. Construction in the area and heavy grading inland of the horse and bike path obliterated the original meadow that had been there.

Salt Works. The flat area below Eastbluff Dr. and northerly of Back Bay Dr, where the old salt works was located to the end of the heavy trees cover +/- a quarter mile along Back Bay Dr. from its intersection with Eastbluff Dr. Also included is the Jamboree Rd. road bank from the end of the horse and bike path to Eastbluff Dr.

Eastbluff North. The bluff southerly and above Back Bay Dr, from its intersection with Eastbluff Dr. to the old Salt works dike and the marsh along the roadside.

Bench Eastbluff-The bench below Eastbluff North to the bluff top from its beginning, westerly of the intersection of Back Bay Dr. and Eastbluff Dr. to its end above the old salt works dike. .

Burn Area-Specifically an area on the bluff top northerly of the only road that goes from Back Bay Dr. to the bluff-top and northerly including maybe 20 acres to a gulley that drains to Back Bay Dr. This area burned in 1984 and partially again in 2009. More generally I have also included the bluff going farther on northerly to the old salt works dike and the marsh along the roadside.

Road from the burn area access road to Big Canyon, including the bluff above and the marsh on the bay side of Back Bay Dr.

Big Canyon-The canyon and lower bluffs from the bay to Jamboree Rd.

The road from Big Canyon to San Joaquin Hills Rd. The bluff and marsh area on both sides of Back Bay Dr.

The road from San Joaquin Hill Rd. to the Dunes-The flat, and bluff area from San Joaquin Hills Rd. to the entrance to Shellmaker Id. This area also includes the canyon northerly of the Newporter Inn, which has been called Newporter Canyon. A narrow strip of land along the bluff top from San Joaquin Hill Rd. to Newporter Canyon was studied until a housing development in 1997 destroyed the habitat.

The Shellmaker Id. area, its dunes and marsh area have been called the Shellmaker area.